Oppo F19S – A Complete Package


Oppo F19S is Oppo’s newest high-end smartphone providing users with a stylish blend of convenience and performance at an affordable price. The new smartphone is set to launch in the country later in September. You can buy Oppo F19S online from a number of mobile stores and retailers across India. You can check out details of various models and deals over the internet before making the purchase.

This sleek smartphone from Oppo is all about beauty and simplicity. It has a unique, dual curved design that makes it the perfect companion for any kind of occasion. The device comes with a 2.5D curved screen that offers a true viewing experience with enhanced clarity and gives you a surreal viewing experience. The Oppo F19S has the ability to provide you with a 5.1-inch capacitive HD display as well as a powerful speaker. The camera on the Oppo F19S is also capable of detecting single and double finger movements. oppo f19s

The battery life of Oppo F19S is one of its unique features. The phone has a generous amount of memory which helps you save time when you are searching through contacts or looking for the desired information. The memory is spacious enough and ensures that you do not face any problem when you need to store huge amounts of data. When it comes to web browsing, the browsing speed is very impressive. In addition to this, the camera on the Oppo F19S is quite impressive with a high pixel camera resolution.

When it comes to camera setup, the Oppo F19S has a total package of eight megapixel resolution, which falls short of other devices in its category. However, the device does come with two additional lenses which are quite helpful in improving the quality of images taken. In terms of advanced features, the camera setup of the Oppo F19S has an advanced system that allows you to enjoy a number of recording modes, including video recorder, slow motion record, time capture, random video recording, landscape mode and so on.

The microSD slot in the Oppo F19S helps you easily add more storage space to your device. This handy slot serves as an expandable memory which means you can add more storage space whenever the need arises. The microSD slot also works as a card reader, which enables you to charge your mobile phone even while it is connected to the Oppo F19S. The microSD slot in the Oppo F19S supports MMC compatible cards which can easily support the UHS-I and UHS-II standards. You can easily transfer the files from your smartphone to the Oppo F19S when you connect it to the computer using the USB cable.

Apart from the impressive specification, the Oppo F19S has some amazing low battery performance and impressive battery life. The phone comes with a dual SIM tray, which lets you insert a SIM card of any of the major network providers in any of the three possible slots. The dual band wireless connectivity of the Oppo F19S along with Adreno 610’s power saving modes give it the edge over other competitors in the high end smart mobile phones. If you want to buy the perfect cell phone for yourself, the Oppo F19S with Adreno 610 is certainly one of the best options available in the market today.